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Practical Handicraft design
Complete local practical handicrafts by adding designs 
COLLECTION Sitsaad from SUMphat Gallery, the winner of Design Excellence Award (DEmark) 2019 (Furniture Design Category) was inspired by his Isan trip in which he discovered that handicraft was extensively preferred in such area, i.e., “Saad” in local dialect or “mat” in central Thai dialecl, was quite cheap although it contained unique and local patterns but lengthy to produce. Therefore, local handicraft designs were applied to add value by producing practical products that can be appreciated by people of various cultures. 

Rush Pleansuk, a designer from SUMphat Gallery and the creator of this collection, said that the concept was a kind of local handicraft of the Isan culture used for sitting or performing daily activities and to be usable in other cultures.

The distinctiveness of “Sitsaad Stool” is applying a specific pattern or “Kit pattern” of Isan on mat and weave. The strength of “Kit pattern” is that it can relate to other cultures more easily because it is very graphic compared to other Thai patterns. 

A Stool product was chosen in this collection because it was considered to be applied to practical usage and various styles of interior decoration. Moreover, when combining Kit pattern produced by local villagers with stools, Sitsaad can be considered as an Art
Object that can be located in various areas. The stool’s shape can be easily adjusted leading to mixed use in many cultures.  

Rush Pleansuk, worked with DEmark 10 years ago as a design consultant for other companies and he also won the DEmark Award several times. On behalf of his own design studio, this was considered as the second year. Besides Sitsaad, he also won DEmark Award in the Packaging Design category too. 

“DEmark is considered my family because participating in DEmark Award is not only a beautiful design award but it is considered as an opportunity to fresh up my designs. In addition, I also gain new contacts among designers in this industry. Winning the DEmark Award is not only the pride of our company but it is also considered as the pride of our community because we work together as the same family. The DEmark Award has helped to develop the potential of Thai designers. Before DEmark we had no central platform to see the potential of other designers like we experience in this award. Every year, we will find new potential and ideas from new designers that can help to develop our potential. Moreover, the distinctiveness of this year’s DEmark Award are our distinguised judges that will help to add more value to the award.”


Rush Pleansuk’s designed products can be seen at T-STYLE: CRAFT OBJECT UNIQUE & ELECTIC Booth Hall 5A, M62/N61 stand at the Maison & Objet show in Paris during the 6-10 September, 2019.


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