Slow Hand Design: Thai Popism Exhibition


Curated and designed by Eggarat Wongcharit

Supported by:  Thailand Office of Innovation and Value Creation, Department of International Trade Promotion and Thai Trade Office Milan, Ministry of Commerce 

Venue: Asia Pavillion, Megawatt court, Via Alexander Watts 15 organized pararel to Milan International Design week and Salone del mobile 2018, Milan, Italy



Tendencies of consumption at present

The world’s economy at present reflects new tendency of product consumption and new behavioral trend in 2018. E-commerce has deconstructed the infra-structure of the present global business and stepping forward into the new business management via I.T. and such drastic impact has played a great role on the new consumer’s behavior. E-commerce has been playing a great role in today’s business while forming up a new tendency in describing the quality of products to try to sell them by story-telling and virtual realistic imagination.
The expectation of good quality products will be able to perform its impact only when they are delivered at consumer’s hands. 

Mobile phone apps help accessing to fast consumption. The infra-structure of sales inrelationship with consumer’s behavior seems to be blurred out by the rapid growth of E-commerce which gives a drastic impact on design and production. Things are merged and collaborated to make fast move on production that serves the demand consumption. The borderlines business categories will be destroyed. Impulse buying will be the upcoming trend. Smaller product items that perform better quality will be in demand among global consumers.
The new trend of consumption indicates that the story-telling of the products will become the necessity of the future product consumption. Buyers will count on the product’s story telling on I.T’s virtual realistic media. Platforms of product display in collaboration with storytelling are important to help consumer’s imagine the use of such desired products in realistic pragmatism.

Thai products consumption and Thai Popism

The new trend of consumption has segregated the context of behavior into various market channels. Unpredictable ideas can become popular and further developed once they’re exposed in I.T.medias and accepted by global public. For Thailand’s products manufacturing against global consumption, Thai traditions and cultures will still be portrayed through tourism’s adverts,fashion, photography and many other I.T. medias. Global consumers will experience Thainessthrough tourism and the consumption of exported commodity products of Thailand. The brand image of popular Thai products will be accustomed by global consumers or tourists who’ve visited Thailand. Thainess has already been consumed globally through lifestyles products, food, fashion, home accessories and handicrafts throughout the whole process of the country’s own brand creation development. I.T. media will help merchandising Thai design and further develop new business that enhances consumer’s impulsive buy via visual interface and story-telling in I.T. medias. Consumers will enjoy buying Thai products based on the popularity and the quality while the country’s brand image will be further developed and shift towards a new market channel in the end. With such effort and impact of branding Thailand, it is an appropriate timing to manifest Thai design trend that will lead consumers to the future context of global consumption. 

The 9 cream of the crops; Thailand’s designers’ showcase

9 young designers who‘ve been recruited by DEmark award’s standard of good designand production are to exhibit their works in Slow Hand Design 2018’s exhibition.There are products ranges from furniture, home accessories and jewelry that represent the movement of Thai Popism at present and they are;

  1. Better Arts Group 
  2. Aztique Jewelry
  3. La Orr
  4. Flow Jewelry 
  5. Labrador
  6. Plural Designs
  7. Salt and Pepper 
  8. Saprang 
  9. Unique Space

Slow hand Design; Thai Popism features various design products in 4 different zonings;

 1. DEmark showcase

In this area, audiences will find information of the exhibition. Contact of trades will be provided both by e-commerce direct contact and other related information that helps promoting Thailand exports and oversea trade business. DEmark award showcase will be featured within this area. 

2. Hospitality and home accessories 

As hospitality business is what Thailand could reclaim as the best in the world. Boutique and art hotel interiors will be set to platform related design crafts items to render the idea of how the displayed objects can associate with the interior space. 

3. Dining room & restaurant

Complimenting creative Thai food crafting context in order to create a restaurant space as a   platform of design objects such as; table wares, dining table and dining room accessories. This will extend the idea of craft making into realistic spatial and functional imagery. 

4. Designers shops and showcases

With the same exhibition’s idea, top designers of Thailand whose works are awarded by Thailand’s DEmark prizes will be displayed and sales are available for all visitors.