The TALENT THAI project has been organized annually since 2004 by The Thailand Office of Innovation and Value Creation, Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce. The project is an initiative to introduce and elevate new generation of Lifestyle product designers at international Level. It aims at providing opportunities for talented designers' works as well as paving the way for Thailand's Lifestyle product innovation and design segments from furniture, home decorative items. This will elevate the reputation and quality of the country's Lifestyle industry at the overall and international levels. By adding value to the products through exceptional design and unique concept, the works, along with the image of the country as the hub of creativity are promoted globalty.



NUAYNARD was founded in 2014 in Sub Sri Chan, a small village in ISAN, the northeast of Thailand. We started out as a design studio for skincare products, which are handmade using only natural local resources, including fresh rain and spring water. The use of sustainable resources is our small con-tribution to help the environment. We work together with the people from our village. Over the past five years these collaborations have deepened our appreciation of local materials and the skill of local craftsmen. The knowledge we have gained has allowed us to branch out into lifestyle products, which are designed with the same goal in mind: giving value to ISAN products and the people making them. We use locat, sustainable resources to create skincare and lifestyle products. We believe in working in good harmony within our community and taking care of the environment that surrounds us.


Aroma Matrix Box

The Aroma Matrix Box is a multi-purpose box with a sandstone diffuser made by local stonemasons from Sikhio, in the Northeast of Thailand. We took a technique used in sculpting and applied it to a Lifestyle product. The matrix shape can be adjusted in many dimensions. The sandstone has a unique natural pattern that releases the aroma of essential oil drops.



Aroma Candles

Hand-poured candle in earthenware from Dan Kwian, a village in the northeast of Thailand. It is known for its pottery and handicrafts. This candle was created by a local craftsman with a special colour coating technique that makes each piece unique. The sandstone cover can be used as a candle holder plate or as a surface for releasing the aroma of essential oil drops.

Arty & Fern Eyewear was founded by two glasses enthusiasts. 

"Custom-made-with-hearts glasses" and "Ready-to-wear Sunglasses collection" for those who seek to wear some stylish and conceptual eyewear.

Siamese Cat Eyes

Our brand's cateyes sunglasses present the auspicious features of SIAMESE CATS. Worship of auspicious cats has long been embedded in
Thai people's way of Life. They believed that Thai cats were rare as gold, and anyone who owns these cats will become wealthy and lucky. 5 cateyes sunglasses come with different singularities, designed from their different fascinating characteristics.



LIVING THE LAPTOP LIFESTYLE, MANAGING WORK & ADVENTURE. Laptop has become the essential part of our every life; work or leisure. This is such an urban lifestyle, people work hard and play hard to enjoy their everyday life. MAT ARCHER betieves that the case should not only protect your laptop but should also reflect your personality, fit with various activities and substantially suits their sophisticated Lifestyle.



A patch of plastic trash in the ocean has become gradually severe and provoking a wake-up call to people worldwide to be more concerned about plastic pollution. 46 percent of ocean garbage patches is plastic- based fishing gear, which causes of death and injured of sea animals such as whales, dolphins, seals and sea turtles. For this reason, we therefore bring abandoned fishnet in the ocean to be our core material, designed and produced RETRIEVE', a bag which recovers deserted fishnet from the sea as well as rescues marine animals and brings them to Lives.

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Sleeve (15.6 Inch Laptop Shoulder Bag)

Backpack (Convertible Backpack Messenger Bag with 15.6 Inch Laptop Compartment)


ease is multidisciplinary studio based in Bangkok, Thailand. Since 2014, by developing embroidery factory of family business with 30 years experience. Aims to combined the subject of industrial embroidery, art ,and craftsmanship to created the new experiences in embroidered product and others through our experimental design.


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Modular Embroidery Hanging Screen which allows users to participate in the design and plan the use of private or decorative communal spaces freely. Its modular connection has made Cotton a knock-down fixture, which can be re-assembled and convenient for transportation for cleaning and maintenance in order to respond to its functions and present days' diverse needs.


Pera (Embroidery Wall Decor)

Peranakan-inspired motifs which translated into embroidery pieces for wall decoration.


Muuds is a collection of artistic tifestyle products designed to enhance the ambience of your home, refresh your mood and relax your mind. Through the use of innovative techniques, we aspire to create unique, practical pieces that engage your senses and help you appreciate the beauty around you



Colour Bloom Scent Diffuser

Just as fresh fowers fill the room with a natural fragrance oil, our Colour Bloom Scent Diffuser is a decorative display ready to burst forth with stunning colour and soothing perfume. Made of high- quality absorbent paper, it imitates the beauty of flowers and leaves to make a delightful centrepiece in your room. Watch it magically change colour over time as it absorbs the perfume to release a scent. The choice of fragrance oils used is a result of several experiments to find the right mix of ingredients, which is specially formulated to give off a layered water-colour effect.


PARA values the resources available in Thailand and aims to offer products in an environmentally-friendly way under simply innovative design. We do not design a product, but the Life cycle instead. PARA works with environmentally-responsible components and fully reusable packaging. Our eco-lifestyle products are designed with innovative functions for your everyday life. All made of 100% natural rubber which is originally derived from latex found in the sap of rubber tree in Thailand. Natural rubber is environmentally friendly and non-toxic since it's biodegradable and sustainable resource.


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TREE-IN-ONE, made of 100% natura rubber, values the resources available in Thailand and aims to offer products in an environmentally-friendly way under simply innovative design. The design concept then encourages consumers to reuse glass bottles in form of drinking storage with innovative functions. It allows you to contain a variety of beverages with "a vacuum stopper", and fll any homemade juices easily as "a smart funnel" with the shape and form as "a perfect pourer" Moreover, TREE- IN-ONE also comes with fully-reusable packaging in which it receives a second life through reusing. which in turn forms a paper snack blow.


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